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electric vehicle charging station
Are you looking for a Electric vehicle charging station ? Electric vehicles (EVs) show great promises to meet CO2 reduction targets in the transport domain and to reduce local air pollution .Adoption of these vehicles is starting to take off as the main barriers, being the purchase price and the limited range due to high battery cost, are overcome by the introduction of more affordable , long range EVs into the market. one of the opportunities EVs offer in comparison to other Alternative Fuel vehicles (AFVs) is the possibility of charging the car while being parked.
          The rate at which electric vehicles can be charged is becoming a key differentiator in this replay developing market , for a very straightforward reason : charging an EVs battery is currently a lot slower than refilling a tank with petrol to go the same distance.
         Take a generic EV with a battery capacity of 60kWh. charging this battery from zero to 100%, using a cable plugged into a standard UK 240V,13A socket, will take about 20 hours. This isn't practical for a daily driver, much less for a long -distance traveler.

Electric vehicles charging station in 2022

1) Easy to charge your electric vehicle

In this study, of Electric vehicle charging station are examined using time-based fees to enormous usefulness and Efficiency. The results showed that even with a small fee, a substantial improvement could be Achieved. It is recommended that charging station owners include in the design of fees the subpopulation of drivers who experience parking pressure and therefore will not move their vehicles once charged A online that gives tips on how to navigate an EV charging points, from picking a station (based on location, outlets,( etc ) to explaining why station have Different pricing option. The increase of the number of charging station in countries’ urban centers will increase the appeal for electric vehicles and could contribute to environmental benefits.

As India lacks these electric vehicle charging stations it is a great opportunity for young business-minded people like you and me install them, as we can create an EV charging station company that can accommodate a lot of Clients at the same time .It is awesome chance of business minded people.

2) Two methods used in charging station

Most electric vehicles are charged from the power grid with AC power. while this is the norm, there are some electric vehicles that use DC charging .DC charger are faster and , an exciting breakthrough when it comes to EVs.

Electric vehicle charging station used this methods
AC and DC charging method

Level 1 charging is ideal for plug-in hybrid electric cars that have smaller batteries, but it can suffice for some battery-electric car owners as well, depending on their daily range needs and length of time typically parked and charging.

Level 2 charging, also known as 220- volt charging, is slightly faster than Level 1 120-volt charging but requires a specialised equipment connection and new dedicated electrical circuit. It’s found at some public station and many workplaces as well as in some homes, this level makes use of the same charger that was used on older electric vehicles.

3) Infrastructure of electric vehicle charging station

          The EV charging point comprises an Electric vehicle charger, power grid, Facility Meter, Energy Controller, Software platform, Network operating center, and other relevant components.

India is a country with a abundant road network, but if it’s serious about boosting the popularity of plug-in electric vehicles.(EVs) then it really needs to install as much public charging infrastructure as possible in order to make EVs accessible to the people that are intrested in buying one .One of the main issue surrounding EVs is that their batteries have such a high charging capacity that they can be fully charged in only a few minutes. What this means for charging infrastructure owners and managers is that they no longer need to provide low voltage (240V) stations to charge EV batteries – high voltage (480V)chargers are sufficient.

4) Inductive charging

Inductive charging is an excellent alternative to plugging your device in because you can still continue to use your device while your battery  charges wirelessly .Inductive charging relies on electromagnetic induction ,a phenomenon involving the transfer of power through space by electromagnetic field induction that produces an electric current in a secondary coil or system of coils when connected to a magnetic field .This instant and effortless from of charging allows you to place your whole device anywhere above the charger so long as it remains within range , giving you the flexibility and convenience you've always wanted from wireless charging .Allowing device (such as an electric vehicle) to be wireless charged without physically making contact with a charging surface allows for much thinner designs than would be possible with older methods such as plug-in charging cables. 

      why do we need electric vehicle charging station?


Additionally the results from this case study can be used as a reference for possible expectation of Electric vehicle charging station usage on all the public places.

Results show that three types of users could be distinguished those who responded to the fee, those who always moved their car once fully charged, and those who refused to move, regardless of the set level. Membership variables showed that members of the second class indicated that indeed this behaviour belonged to their normal charging behaviour.Members of the third class were more likely to experience parking pressure when parking at home.

  This study proposed a methodology to analyze EV charging points uses in all the places.
   The future will be electric cars. Even the large oil and gas companies are assisting with energy storage technologies and battery development.

  How do users charging their electric vehicles ?

Additionally the results from this case study can be used as a reference for possible expectation of electric vehicle charging station usage on all the public places.