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charge your electric vechicles

The charge point provide connectors that conform to a variety of standards.A online that gives tips on how to navigate an EV charging points, from picking a station (based on location, outlets, etc) to explaining why stations have different pricing options.


charging Vehicles

Electronic vehicle supply eqiupement is a piece of equipement that supplies electrical power for charging piug in electric vehicles.

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EV chargers are defined by the amount of energy delivered to the vehicle’s battery per unit of time. There are four “levels,” with with Level 4 being the fastest. 

Easy to charge

The electric vehicles can take 15 minutes depending on the voltage the outlet.

Maintenance Packages

Easy to maintain the charging process.

ECO friendly

we expect similar dynamic will shape the emerging network of EV charging station.

Vehicle History Reports

Vehicle history helps to collect the details of the customers

online booking

The charging planning in booking in onliine.

charging station

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